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The Nobodies.
United Kingdom
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OrganizationXIII-NW-UK is a cosplay group set in and around the NorthWest of England, or with people to easy access to the North West.
*Meets will be in places such as Manchester, Preston, and places around that area where we might find a suitable photoshooting place. For meets, we will also accomidate to other member's needs, and therefore for people who cannot travel around the North West, we will hold a meet to somewhere suitable for them but also suitable for everybody else at the same time.

OrganizationXIII is a group of people from the popular video game Kingdom Hearts.


We're looking for people who look like the character they are portaying or have some resemblence. For an Axel cosplayer, for example, a brushed back red wig WILL NOT DO, the wig mustbe styled correctly, and not half assed.
Here are the characters and who has that character's role: (Some non-Organization Members will be needed too~ Please comment if you would like to cosplay as a character not on the list~)

Xemnas -
Xigbar -
Xaldin -
Vexen -
Lexaeus -
Zexion - Reizo-Zexion
Saix - ruuwolf
Axel - Demented-Kid
Demyx - TangleClaw
Luxord - Zedela
Marluxia - OhMyGhibli
Larxene -
Roxas(Organization And/Or TwilightTown) - BubblegumsProblem
Xion - Akane-RosySky
Deep Dive Riku - Darkiekun
Naminé - xWestie
KHII Sora - The-way-to-a-smile
KHII Riku - Shadow-x-Play
KHII Kairi - Emi-zone
School Uniform Kairi - OmegaYuffie
Organazation Mushroom (Heartless) - Darkiekun

1. Each member must have a DeviantArt acount (Or a CosplayIsland acount.) and images of themselves on the internet for the group to judge as to wether you will be suitable for the character or not, if you do not seem suitable, another character will be recomended for you (To a character you would suit more, perhaps, than the one you selected. A maximum of two cosplayers per character.)

2. Every member must live in or around the North West, or have easy access to the North West of England. Meetings will be held online over Skype or MSN, so it is not always important for each member to attend cosplay meets in the North West, especially so if they are not from the North West, and are low on money/cannot access the location of the meet.

3. If you would like to apply, please send a PM with the character's name that you wish to apply for. We may know you personally and may already be thinking about inviting you into the group.

4. We also judge off personality and/or in-character skills. So dazzaling looks are not nececcery.

5. The purpose of this group is to make new friends, meet new people and also for photoshoots and such.

*Can members please DevWatch the DeviantArt acount. Eventuly, you will get watched back.

Lets hope the information was explained properly~ If you have any questions, please leave a comment.
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